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Rocky Mtn Chapter Certified Arborist

VMI is primarily involved in control of Tree Insects/Diseases which attack the conifer forests populating Colorado. The most common pests occur on Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Colorado Spruce, and Douglas Fir trees. By CLICKING ON EACH PHOTO you will see a larger picture of that item to aid you in identification along with brief descriptions, characteristics and other information that should help you in determining if you have a need to control pests on any of your trees.

If you are unable to view the following information, you can download Adobe Reader at:




Ponderosa Pine

Lodgepole Pine

Colorado Spruce

Douglas Fir

Cooley Gall

Ips Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle

Tussock Moth

Spruce Budworm


Dwarf Mistletoe



Please visit our Affiliations/Links page to find additional links to other sources of information on Noxious Weeds and Tree Insects/Diseases.


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