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We are pleased to announce that VMI was recently awarded two
significant jobs.

One is for a Colorado Public Garden which needed assistance with their weed
control efforts in both its Turf and Native Areas. As with any garden, weeds tend
to rear their ugly little heads. In grasses that are regularly being mowed, certain
weeds have a tendency to thrive. In general they might typically be as follows:

Dandelions These weeds are originally native to Europe. Legend
has it that they were brought to North America to beautify sod roofs
popular with the Pioneers. They have become cosmopolitan and can
bloom almost nine months of the year.
Field Bindweed This weed was also introduced from Europe. It is
remarkably adaptable and can grow at altitudes as high as 10,000 feet. It
is quite difficult to control as its roots can grow to depths of 20 feet and its
seeds can remain viable in the soil for up to 50 years.
Redstem Filaree A native of Europe or Asia this weed is common
around the world. It flowers early, prolifically and is occasionally not
a welcomed plant in cultivated lawns.
Common Mallow This species also hails from Europe and is common
in North America. Having rounded leaves with a heart-shaped base and
flowers ranging from white to lavender it almost resembles a miniature
native Geranium. However it can be quite tenacious and is often

We hope to be considered a valuable asset in the control of all the unwanted
plants inhabiting this delightful Public Garden.

The other is actually an enhancement of a contract landed in 2005 for a Front
Range Governmental agency.

We conduct weed control efforts in spring and fall going after weeds such as Dalmation Toadflax, Knapweed and Thistles along with 70 Tamarisk plants.


This year we have been awarded a total of approximately 1175 acres of which 224 will
have aerial application. This method has proved to be quite effective for large scale projects such as this that have sizeable acreages populated with an inordinate amount of Diffuse Knapweed. Ground applications will be conducted throughout the spring, summer, and fall.






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