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Below you will find the Noxious Weeds that we are more commonly called upon to Control.  Please understand that by CLICKING ON EACH PHOTO you will see a larger picture of the mature plant, as well as pictures of Rosette, Flower, Leaf and/or Seed stages of these weeds.  There is also a brief description of the origin of each plant, characteristics and other information that should help you identify if you have a need to control these weeds on your property.

If you are unable to view the following information, you can download Adobe Reader at:



Canada Thistle      

Common Mullein

Field Bindweed

Hoary Cress
(aka Whitetop)

Leafy Spurge

Knapweeds (Diffuse
and Spotted)

Musk Thistle

Oxeye Daisy

Puncturevine (aka Goathead, Sandbur and Tackweed)

Purple Loosestrife

Saltcedar (aka Tamarisk)

Corn Chamomile (aka Scentless Chamomile)

Toadflaxes (Dalmation
and Yellow)


Please visit our Affiliations/Links page to find additional links to other sources of information on Noxious Weeds and Tree Insects/Diseases.



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