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Since 1997 VMI, Vegetation Management, Inc., has worked on a sizeable and varied group of projects a few of which are highlighted on this page.  Below you will find a brief description of some of our representative projects and by CLICKING ON EACH PHOTO more detailed information will be presented.

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Ranch/Pasturelands tend to become infested with Noxious Weeds either from some form of development i.e. roads, excavation for buildings, etc; through the prior introduction of weed contaminated feed/hay; and by weather, animal or mechanical spread factors. Large land holders are taking steps to preserve their properties by placing them into Conservation Easements for which the protection of natural habitat plants is desired.


Conservation Easements / Private Ranches upon which VMI works are spectacular properties whose owners harbor both a pioneer spirit as well as a firm commitment to preservation and recognition that an ongoing weed management program proves to be a good course of action. 




Bareground is another service VMI provides.  This type of application can be done on almost a year round basis and is particularly effective to treat areas on which the client desires NO Vegetation, such as under asphalt, along fence lines, railroad tracks, equipment pads, etc.




Baregrounding can be done on a variety of surfaces.  VMI has conducted a number of such activities for Excavators, Airports, Utility companies, Industrial sites and Railways located throughout Colorado.








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More and more Federal agencies are budgeting dollars for Noxious Weed control in Parks and Forest lands.  Some of the agencies that have contracted with VMI to engage in these activities are Colorado State Parks and United States Forest Service.


Parks / Forest Lands are vital and precious resources that get visited regularly by both people and animals which can cause disturbance of soil and subsequent distribution of seed.  The agencies which are responsible for the daunting task of managing such lands recognize the need for developing Integrated Pest Management programs in which VMI is pleased to play an active role.


City Governments and Local municipalities manage a wide array of open space/common area lands within Front Range communities which are utilized and appreciated by Colorado residents.  As control efforts continue to be sponsored by these proactive groups, it is anticipated that reduction in non-native plants should enhance these public lands greatly.


City Governments and Local Municipalities have recognized that lands under their control contain sizeable amounts of noxious weeds.  Some such populations consist of Purple Loosestrife and Tamarisk both of which are on the State’s eradication Iist.  With ongoing efforts conducted by VMI these populations are being controlled.





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Colorado subdivisions have placed stress on much of the native habitat. Disturbance of
soil and damage to native grasses, wildflowers and trees occurs as the area continues
to be populated. As a result, homeowners and their associated open spaces require
assistance to control the inevitable weeds that come from construction related activities.


Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the predominance of a variety of weeds.  Among a few concerns are Dalmation Toadflax found to be occupying the Front Range foothills and Myrtle Spurge, a recent addition to the eradication list, which up until recently was purchased in nurseries and used in Colorado landscape gardens.  These weeds are extremely tenacious and concern for eliminating them from property is admirable and necessary.



Sizeable areas of Colorado have been hit hard by the Mountain Pine Beetle.  Grand, Summit and Eagle counties have a particularly difficult road to travel with the current state of health in their surrounding forests.  As the population increases and more people continue to develop vacation and retirement homes in these communities it is important to become familiar with the issues facing them in management of their trees.



Many individuals are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and concerned with protecting their trees by investing in Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying and Inspection.  We offer consulting services to individual landowners as well as homeowner associations regarding how best to deal with diseases, insects, and general health of the forest.









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One of the most severe pests in the Southwest today is Tamarisk also known as Salt Cedar.  With the ability for each individual plant to consume between 200-300 gallons of water a day it is critical that this plant be controlled.


Landowners who contract with VMI to control Tamarisk / Russian Olive are to be applauded for their role in the reduction of these plants which have established an amazing foothold in the west.  Perhaps if more companies would allocate funds toward this end, it might enable Colorado to enjoy more watershed and at the same time increase watersports such as fishing and rafting/kayaking.



An enormous amount of turf weeds inhabit the lawns of Colorado and in an ongoing effort by municipalities, public gardens and privately managed common areas the grasses that we enjoy throughout the summer months can be romped upon happily by Colorado citizens.


Streetscapes abound all over the Front Range and VMI is helping to keep them weed free.  From Dandelions and Field Bindweed to Redstem Filaree and Common Mallow lawn care weeds are tackled regularly along with keeping tree rings clean so tree bark is protected from lawn mowers and weed whackers.  Typically such work is conducted for neighborhood common areas versus individual homeowners.



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The destructive effects of Insects and Diseases on trees in landscapes and forests can be managed through careful inspection/diagnosis of the problem and appropriately timed applications.


Preventative spraying of Insects and Diseases on trees can be quite effective in controlling a variety of problems.  The health of forests and particularly special trees in the landscape which serve as show plantings as well as offer shade and habitat for wildlife is very important and a worthwhile investment.





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